The company's premises and plants are found in the following places:

1) Headquarters: 292 klm Athens-Thessaloniki/Krokio-Almiros

The plant in Almiros, which also houses the head offices, has a capacity of 50.000MT and is up to 20klm away from the port of Volos, where the transportation of imported and exported products takes place.


2)Branch: Industrial Area-Sindos-Thessaloniki/Block 54-C' Phase

The plant in Sindos has a capacity of 45.000 MT and is at 10klm distance from the corresponding port of Thessaloniki.Sindos plant covers the needs of North Greece in all agricultural products and is also dealing with importation and exportation of goods.

Our company at the moment occupies a total group of 30 expertised and experienced people and has free-lance collaborators all over Greece and Worldwide.